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Glulam Beams

Glulam Beams

DWB have teamed up with local and international suppliers of Glulam beams and frames so that our customers and designs can benefit from the added structural and aesthetic capabilities of Glulam.

Glulam is one of the strongest structural materials per unit weight. Put simply it is laminates of selected graded timber glued together to give extreme strength.

Due to the production methods used in the making the product it can be supplied in incredibly long lengths, with curves, as an ‘A’ frame and column/posts, even this is a small selection of what can be achieved with Glulam.

Glulam has a superior fire resistance when it is compared to steel or reinforced concrete and will not corrode, making it particularly suitable for use over swimming pools. Glulam can also be supplied at a depth and width to suit your needs.

With the inclusion of Glulam beams within our Trussed Rafter and Posi-Joist designs it is possible to reduce the amount of steel required on site.

DWB Timber Engineering ensures that our partners are using timber from sustainable forests with our suppliers holding Chain of Custody Certification.